The Arrival of October

Talent wins games; consistency wins championships.
— Ranj Bawa

Welcome to October! As we enter the final quarter of 2018, we truly have an opportunity to re-kindle key fundamentals for the Fall season ahead.

Here are a few thoughts and practices to help us all focus and re-establish our consistency after the transitional month of September:



  • This is the practice of being conscious of the present moment, being attentively aware and being 100 % accountable for our choices.

  • It breeds confidence and inner peace when we take the time to listen intently, to direct our efforts on that which matters most and to be thankful for what we have.

  • Action step: One way to practice mindfulness with your fitness is to walk into your workout with a focused and victorious attitude – the time you spend on your health is one of the most precious in your day and by specifically setting this intention prior to starting, you will notice an even higher level of performance, stability and endurance.

  • Action step: At each stop light during your drive, sit in silence and focus on your breathing. This practice calms our heart rate and alleviates stress that may be residing in our body.

  • Action step: Each time you have a snack or meal, take a moment, before you begin, to be truly conscious of what you are eating/drinking – Is it serving the best interests of your health? Is it a well-earned treat? Is it a consequence of fatigue or compromised discipline? This mindfulness with our nutrition over the coming four weeks has the potential to shift the vibration of our wellness.

  • Action step: At the end of each day over the next three weeks, take 1 minute to remind yourself of three things for which you are grateful.



  • The foundation of our ability to lead, learn, grow and connect comes from our capacity to be present. Our days are filled with opportunities to be present…or to be distracted.

  • We honor ourselves by staying true to our goals, values and targets. This is  best done by achieving very small, marginal and incremental victories each day.

  • A frantic pace and one that is subject to reaction dilutes our capacity to perform and to be the best in both our personal and professional spheres.

  • Action step: Over the next three weeks, aim to persistently focus on your top three goals. Write them down and then review them each week night before you go to bed.

  • Action step: For three nights each week, aim to sit down for 5 minutes and write out your top three priorities for the next day…not necessarily a “to do” list but rather your priorities – those things that are connected to your top goals (health, family, nutrition, business deal, personal growth).



  • Life is undoubtedly a wonderful gift…yet it pushes us and often hits hard. The beauty of the path, though, lies is our power to choose. Our progress often comes down to our choices.

  • We can become subject to an exhausting cycle of reacting to everything around us and then depleting our energy…or we can calmly respond with accountability and clarity and then recover with rest and quiet times. The latter process serves us while the former cycle drains us.

  • When we are more fit, rested, hydrated, happy and clear, we are much more capable of making choices which align with Response and Recovery.

  • Action step: Heading into your week, ensure that your self-care practices are prioritized and booked into your schedule. By making these important, you will be equipped to handle everything else. What gets schedules often gets done.

  • Action step: Be aware of the distraction of technology and how it can become a master over our time and attention. Definitely use it to your advantage; however; ensure that you set boundaries around its use in the evenings and around bedtime as our recovery depends on just that…freedom from distraction, artificial light and potentially negative information.


Our walk is one that is best achieved by honoring each step…for when times do arise when we have to heighten the tempo, our mind, body and spirit will be ready.


The strength of success often lies in its simplicity.


On behalf of our Renewed Balance Team, we send you our best thoughts for an outstanding and rewarding month ahead!