Creating More Space and Time


Dear Friends,


I hope you have had a solid start to June. Very grateful to have you in my inner circle.


I have just returned from Toronto where I attended a 3-day personal mastery event this past weekend on high performance and building success in all realms of life. I had the privilege and honour to be invited to the stage as an experienced coach and a veteran of the group, in front of an audience of over 375 attendees from over 30 countries, to contribute my thoughts on the importance of personal growth and commitment to excellence.


As we are now in the final weeks before the summer season starts in July, it is my intention to continue to guide you with strategies to make this phase meaningful and focused.


Last week, we looked at reflecting upon what you have done well, another action step that would move you forward and an area that you would like to course correct.


As well, in order to allow for health, opportunity and success to elevate, we must become conscious of creating space and time. Opportunity is such a sophisticated really only knocks when the room on the other side of the door is marked by positivity, accountability and presence. If the space on the inside is being run by the vagrants of negativity, distraction and excuses, opportunity simply moves on.


Our next step...creating more space. How?


By assembling a "Stop Doing List". We are often building out task lists and stacking our schedules with things that have to be done. Rightly so. Yet, amidst our lists, if we take a closer look, there are things that are no longer serving us. There are also habits and choices we make that result in stress, compromised health or fatigue.


Please take 10 minutes and decide upon three things that you are going to "stop doing" in June in order to create more space and time for the opportunity in your life...

  • For better health
  • For more connected family time
  • For increased productivity
  • For more communicative relationships
  • For expanded personal time
  • For improved sleep
  • For increased income
  • For consistency with nutrition
  • For more positive conversation
  • For greater learning
  • For more solitude
  • For a clear mind


The "Stop Doing List" may include:

  • Stop watching TV for more than one hour
  • Stop spending time on work that can be delegated
  • Stop eating unhealthy foods as snacks during the weekdays
  • Stop consuming alcohol from Sunday through Thursday when there is no special occasion
  • Stop having dialogue that is negative
  • Stop spending time with those who are negative
  • Stop spending time on devices or handheld technology right before bedtime
  • Stop allowing distractions to take you away from your best work and creativity
  • Stop allowing clutter to crowd your space
  • Stop reacting to situations
  • Stop having your device near the table during meals
  • Stop being late
  • Stop procrastinating on a task that you want to complete this month


These are only examples and the goal here is to identify 3 things you will look to stop doing. Please remember, all change takes time and we are not seeking perfection or absolutes. Rather, we're putting this in place to help build initial momentum and create more space and time for the opportunities that will best serve you.


It's not about perfection; it's all about practice.


If you would like to share your ideas with me, please send me an email or text by Friday, June 8th @ 9 am MDT with your list of 3 as I look forward to supporting you through this growth process.


I am very grateful for your trust in me.


Looking forward to connecting soon.


Love and best thoughts,