“Working with Renewed Balance has changed my life. The focus on health to create wealth has served me and the people around me. The hard work that we are doing when no one else is watching is innately in me. Ranj, Wilson and all of the team are creating value where no one else has.

They raise my game and create value.

Day in, Day out. With simple caring, attention to detail and listening for clues they make me better. Caring without judgement. They have simply changed my life in a positive and profound way.”

— K.S.


“I have had the privilege of having Ranj Bawa as my personal trainer and coach for over 6 years. In that time…

I have developed physically, emotionally and mentally to a point where I believe I am the fittest I have ever been in my life.

At 58 years of age, I can confidently say that I would not have this level of well being if it were not for Ranj. Insightful, positive, motivational, compassionate, wise and experienced are just some of the tools in his box. I am enormously grateful to Ranj and his entire team for the investment they have made in me. I have and will continue to refer friends and family to Ranj and the Renewed Balance team.”

— L.C.


“I have been working out with Renewed Balance for several years now. As a “senior citizen” I have had many unsuccessful attempts to maintain a regular fitness routine over the years.

The fact that I have maintained a consistent routine for the time I have been with Renewed Balance is an important success story for me and is credited to the dedication of Ranj and the trainers I have worked with.

Rather than dreading a workout, I now look forward to my time slots and will try my best to work my schedule around my work out times rather than using other commitments to avoid working out. For me, the main reason I keep coming back is because the trainers I have worked with have been willing to provide an enjoyable program that is both flexible and challenging and that meets my objectives rather than fitting me into a boring canned program. I value my time with Renewed Balance because it has significantly improved my quality of life and overall physical and mental health.”

— B.A.


“As I exit my 60s and move into my next decade, I am optimistic that the Renewed Balance program of personal wellness will continue to enhance my quality of life over the many years to come.”

— B.D.


“When someone starts with a coach they are looking for answers. It could be that they are struggling with work life balance, that they feel unfulfilled in their work or relationship and they need to get it back on track. For me it was a feeling of heaviness that work was weighing me down and that perfect strangers got the very best of me and my family got the worst version of me.  

Ranj Bawa has been the person who helped me change all the key elements in my life. He helps you to define what’s important and then work towards prioritizing these goals. He will tell you that the “universe rewards action not thinking “ our work together has been rewarding and exciting.  He helps you to get out of your own way and makes you accountable for your actions, thoughts and feelings.

Ranj is a great listener and a incredible communicator who allows you to arrive at your truth. Ranj helps to encourage but will be tough when he feels your not living your truth. 

In the end Ranj is in your corner and he is there to help, mentor and most importantly to listen without judgement. You arrive at the answers but he is there as the compass to guide you along the way. Ranj Bawa makes you better.”

— M.B.


Over the past 7 ½ years I have worked with Renewed Balance to learn the best way to exercise my body, my mind and my spirit and stay balanced in life.

Renewed Balance recognizes that we are all individuals, that life is constantly changing and as such, they adapt and change accordingly.

I am extremely appreciative and grateful to the team for their commitment to helping me overcome challenges, stay true to my spirit and achieve my goals.

— J.M.


I have trained with Renewed Balance now for over 12 years. I met Ranj when I had a back injury that I thought had ended my athletic career. I raced triathlons, running races, bike races, and climbed/skied for 25 years when my back gave out. I began training with Renewed Balance and have never had any major injuries since. The trainers are knowledgeable about training, injuries, and nutrition as most trainers may be. However…

At Renewed Balance, they coach a balanced lifestyle, both mentally and physically, which is key to maintaining health and happiness.

With a knowledge base that is extensive and diversified, the sessions are tailored for each individual and aligned with their goals and objectives.

— S.B.