Benefits Of Recovery

Sleep is when the body adapts to the stress and stimulus that happened throughout the day and repairs any muscular tissue that has been damaged. Sleep is when the body will also clear out “folded proteins” in the brain that if left for a prolonged period will risk developing disorders later in life.

“Protein misfolding, accumulation and aggregation characterize many aging related diseases. Protein aggregates do not accumulate in unstressed cells largely because of the existence of competent cellular “quality control” machinery.”

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The sauna, whether dry, wet and or infrared will induce a heat shock protein that will also held regulate folding and unfolding of protein in the entire body. Studies show a measured benefit given 30 minutes of Sauna at least twice a week in the longevity of multi celled organisms.

“Regular infrared and/or Finnish sauna bathing has the potential to provide many beneficial health effects, especially for those with cardiovascular-related and rheumatological disease, as well as athletes seeking improved exercise performance. The mechanisms for these effects may include increased bioavailability of NO (nitric oxide) to vascular endothelium, heat shock protein-mediated metabolic activation, immune and hormonal pathway alterations, enhanced excretions of toxicants through increased sweating, and other hormetic stress responses.”

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Metabolic adaptation
With exercise and diet induced caloric deficit over prolonged periods, you will gradually lose weight, but as weight loss begins to plateau as the metabolism slows and adapts to lower calories and expenditure, then continuing in this effort will result in no net gain difference. Varying exercise not based on caloric output, and smart refeeding of the body will result in mitigation of the adaption of the body.

“As these athletes create an energy deficit and achieve lower body fat levels, their weight loss efforts will be counteracted by a number of metabolic adaptations that may persist throughout weight maintenance. Changes in energy expenditure, mitochondrial efficiency, and circulating hormone concentrations work in concert to attenuate further weight loss and promote the restoration of baseline body mass. Athletes must aim to minimize the magnitude of these adaptations, preserve LBM, and adequately fuel performance and recovery during weight reduction”

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Laura Hobson